Adirondack Northway - Interstate 87: From Albany to Canada via Saratoga, Lake George, Schroon Lake, Lake Placid + Keene Valley

Downhill to Bolton on Lake GeorgeDownhill to Bolton on Lake GeorgeClick on the picture for larger version & feel free to download it & use it as wallpaper)

The Adirondack Northway, Interstate 87, Traverses the Eastern Half of the Adirondack Park, along with old US 9 which runs alongside it, from Albany, NY to the Canadian Border via Saratoga, Lake George, Warrensburg, Schroon Lake and Plattsburgh. The Adirondack Northway is part of NY Interstate 87, which connects New York City, New York to Montreal, Quebec

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Main Map Map from Exit 33 to Canada, Including Plattsburgh Map from Exit 30 to Exit 33 (Lewis, Keeseville, Willsboro) From Schroon Lake to Exit 30, High Peaks Map from Glens Falls to Schroon Lake Map from Albany to Glens Falls zed
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From Albany(Thruway) to Glens Falls |  From Glens Falls to Schroon Lake |  From Schroon Lake to Exit 30 |  From Exit 30 to Exit 33 |  From Exit 33 to Canada, Plattsburgh

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North Bound Rest + Parking Areas |  South Bound Rest + Parking Areas
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Northway Facts:
  • Both Schroon Lake Rest areas, some of the best, are now closed.
  • The Southbound High Peaks Welcome center, about M.P. 100, is where Customs does road blocks occasionally
  • The Road is posted 55 mph from the Thruway in Albany, Exit 1 to Halfmoon, Exit 8, about MP 10; it's 65 mph all the way north to Exit 42 in Champlain, where it's 55 mph again for less than a mile before the Canadian Border.
  • Interstate 87 is totally in New York State, though I-287 goes to CT and NJ
  • Cell phone service is spotty but improved from Exit 29 north to at least Exit 33, They have radio phones on the side of the road
  • There are bilingual signs, and signs for PQ 15 from Plattsburgh to Quebec
  • It's 6 lanes to Exit 22, Lake George. Then it's 4 lanes all the way north to Quebec, Canada
    It's 8 Lanes betweens Exits 5 & 7, about 2 miles.

Why the Adirondack Northway?

  1. It's a great, long, fun road to drive.
  2. There are plenty of interesting places and cool people to meet.
  3. It goes through the main part of the Adirondacks and hits all the major towns.
  4. The wilderness areas are less crowded than lower NY State.
  5. There are good properties for sale at reasonable prices in the Park.
  6. It's extension into Quebec, PQ 15, goes directly into the City of Montreal.
  7. Why Not?

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