Corinth, Greenfield

Corinth Town Beach on the Hudson River Corinth Town Beach on the Hudson River

These are the two Adirondack Park Gateway towns that are on NY 9N, northwest of Saratoga Springs. Corinth is an old mill town on the upper Hudson River. It's pretty nice there along the river, though the paper mill there shut down a while ago. But in the village there is a supermarket and other sundry stores. NY 9N itself is an okay road, but there is a lot of traffic, homes and some heavy bends, so be cautious on this stretch, especially through Greenfield Center. Greenfield is the rural town just NW of Spa City. It is getting built up a bit as a Saratoga suburb, but it has plenty of short, second generation forest on really sandy soil. There is a lot of state land there, get a map. There are also the Petrified Sea Gardens and Lester park just north of Ballston Spa on Rowland Avenue. It is about a mile north of NY 29 on Rowland Avenue CR 47, but it's called Lester Park Road there. All that sand and fossils there are a reminder of the ancient sea bottom that included Albany too.

Lester Park, Greenfield
Bathers in Spiers Falls Backwater from the Spiers Falls Dam on the Hudson River

Participating Establishments
Zips Greenfield: 12833 | Corinth 12822 518 Area Code

Adirondack Dreamcatcher Farm of Corinth 65 Slicker Rd
Corinth, New York 12822
(Use Ex 18 of I-87, head west)
Make your child's dream party come true! We offer various sized ponies and horses to choose from along with other farm animals. We also have individual riding lessons on our own trails.
Phones: 518-654-2615 or 518-409-1241
Adirondack Dreamcatcher Farm : :

Interstate 87: The Adirondack Northway

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