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Fort Ticonderoga Fort Ticonderoga
Ticonderoga is the most historic town in the Adirondacks due to it's location between Lake George and Lake Champlain, connected by the Lachute RIver. Indians and early settlers could portage their canoes here as they travelled between these two large lakes. Because of that, Fort Ticonderoga, first the French then the English in colonial days, was built to control communications. In 1775, Revolutionary Forces under Ethan Allen and General Benedict Arnold captured the fort with little bloodshed. The large cannons were then dragged over horrid colonial roads by ox carts in winter of 1775-1776 over 200 miles to Boston under General Knox. There they were emplaced in Dorchester Heights and used by Washington to drive the British out of Boston.
Then it became a mill town due to the excellent water power provided by the La Chute RIver, the 3.5 mile long river that drains Lake George into Lake Champlain, as well as the proximity of large lumbering and early iron making operations. Most notable product is probably Ticonderoga brand pencils. Montcalm Street
The sites to see are of course Fort Ticonderoga, just east of the village on NY 74. There is also a large down town park with lots of recreation areas along the lower La Chute River. There are several restaurants & motels in the village too.
Downtown Park
The road from Schroon Lake and Exit 28 to Ticonderoga, NY 74, is not a good road. I will say that it is one of the most dangerous roads in the Adirondacks mainly due to heavy traffic. There are plenty of rough spots, bad surface, and bends, as well as it runs very close to Eagle and Paradox Lakes, where are still a lot of older houses & cabins almost right on the road. Add a lot of both truck, commuter and tourist traffic, so don't slack or goof off on this road. There is also a VERY steep two mile down hill into Ticonderoga to the junction of NY 9N & NY 22. This is another danger spot
There is also a VERY steep two mile hill into Ticonderoga There is also a VERY steep two mile hill into Ticonderoga
Ticonderoga ferry There is ferry service across lower Lake Champlain from the end of NY 74, 2 miles east of the village, to Shoreham, Vermont, It is $9 one way and $16 round trip for an auto. It is one of the last cable guided ferries left in the USA
Nearby to the ferry is the Amtrak railroad station with daily passenger train service too from New York City via Albany, Saratoga, Westport to Plattsburgh then Montreal, Quebec..

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Interstate 87: The Adirondack Northway

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