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Clifton Park - Halfmoon

Sunset over the Mohawk RIver from Crescent
Sunset over the Mohawk RIver from Crescent

Clifton Park and Halfmoon are the first two Saratoga County towns you come into as you cross the Mohawk River on the Dolly Parton Twin Bridges. Down river is Crescent, where the old Erie Canal crossed over from Cohoes on a viaduct. Now, US 9 goes across there. They are both suburban communities of both Albany and Saratoga, with lots of shopping areas on US 9 and NY 146. Geologically, it is old lake bottom, so everything is sand. There are parks and trails along the Mohawk River. The first nb rest area is right north of Exit 9, the Clifton Park center exit, NY 146. There are many motels and restaurants, as well as supermarkets, parts stores, department stores and gas at Exit 9.

Dolly Parton, Thadeus Kosciuko Bridge over the Mohawk, the Albany - Saratoga County Line

Useful Links
      CliftonPark.org Website
      Clifton Park Ice Arena Website

Participating Establishments
Saratoga County Zip 12065 518 Area Code

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