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There are two basic types of these stores, ones that cater to the high powered hunting/fishing crowd and ones that cater to the high performance hiker, climber, xc ski and shoeing foot powered crowd. There is some overlap, of course. Then there is the lower cost, heavier stuff for general camping that is geared to the car camping, low budget people who are not going to any extremes. Since there are no Mall Warts or other big box gargantuan storesin the Adirondack Parks, you can patronize our locally run stores who can offer some level of service and local knowledge/lore that impersonal sprawl stores can't.

Outdoor Supplies 518 Area Code

The Mountaineer of Keene Valley Purveyors of Fine Outdoor and Mountaineering Equipment Since 1975
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NY 73, Keene Valley, in the High Peaks
Phone: 518-576-2281
The Mountaineer of Keene Valley