Exit 31 - Elizabethtown, Westport: NY 9N, US 9

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Mile Post: 117.4
Major Attractions: There is a big incline between Exits 30 & 31 on I-87
All Night Service None nearby
Emergency Services State Trooper Barracks just west of exit
Troopers moved to Exit 32 at new County Jail. Fire and emergency services in Westport.
Location Town: Westport; County: Essex

Note, the stretch between Exits 30 & 31 has a 1000' foot drop and is the scene of many accidents and freeze-ups, especially on the NB side. August '06, a state trooper was run down and killed by an out of control Canadian truck during a routine traffic stop. On Friday, 11/18/05, there was a freeze up and eight trucks and one car got into a pileup. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured bur the road was closed for almost 18 hours.

exit 31 looking west
Exit 31 Looking West
Exit 31 Elizabethtown-Westport Map
Exit 31 Elizabethtown-Westport Map

Elevation Profile Between Exits 30 & 31

Participating Establishments
518 Area Code

Magic Pines Campground   Magic Pines Campground 9298 US Route 9, Lewis, NY 12950
(Use Exit 33 for SB, Exit 32 for NB off of I-87)
Trailer Storage, Wi-Fi Wireless broadband, Camping, Cabin, 50 amp Electrical Service
Banquet Hall, RV Supplies, pool, basketball court, Tenting
Phone: 518-873-2288 Email