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The Central Adirondacks is ringed with state and local snowmobile trails connecting all the towns and hamlets. Adirondack trails cover 10 counties and go to Vermont and Canada. Snowmobiling is the biggest winter sport draw in these parts. Motorist, watch for snowmobiles at marked crossings or look for snow tracks across the road. Snowmobiles must stop and yield to traffic when crossing roads. Snowmobiles must be registered in NY State to be used on state land.

Now in NY State, as off 1/06, you have to have insurance and be member of a club or pay extra. There are now speed limits and the state promised tougher enforcement of laws, especially concerning alcohol. Sledders may whine, but many of them are just plain dumb, loud, obnoxious, dangerous and messy and most of all, conspicuous! Clean up your acts, like get rid of two stroke sleds!

The Adirondack Division of the defunct but glorious New York Central Railroad acts like a trunk trail connecting the other feeder snowmobile trails in the North Central Lake Region to Lake Placid. The rail line in question is the one from Utica, actually Remsen, to Lake Placid via Old Forge and Schroon Lake. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad, a volunteer, non-profit group, runs excursion trains along this beautiful remote line in the warmer seasons for a reasonable price. Campers, canoeist and hunters can have the train drop them off in utterly remote spots, far from the maddening High Peaks crowd. The rail line can be accessed off of I-87 from Sabattis in Saratoga County north of Long Lake, Horseshoe Lake in St. Lawrence County at the end of NY Route 421, Main Street or NY 3 West in Schroon Lake Village and along I-87 at Lake Clear Junction. Due to insurance hassles generated by NYS legal shark professionals, the trail was officially closed as of 1/7/2003, but it has re-opened since with new insurance.

Sleds on the Adirondack RR, Lake Clear Junction
Sleds on the Adirondack RR, Lake Clear Junction

Caution: Think hypothermia. Wear wool under your suit, it will always be warm. Bring back-up sweater, blanket, socks, hat and mitts. Bring some food like candy bars or canned lunch meats: sugar and fats will keep you warm. Carry lighters and fire starters. Carry cell phone and gps, or at least a compass and a topographic map. Don't go it alone. More is safer! Bring tools, spark plugs, fuel filter & extra gas just in case! Most important: Beware of lake ice, don't assume anything unless you enjoy stimulating cold baths. Especially during the spring thaw, lake ice can be treacherous especially near creeks and bridges. Also be considerate in settled areas, would you like someone riding around your house all day, or at night? There's thousands of miles of trails in unsettled areas, use them if you want to cut loose.

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Interstate 87: The Adirondack Northway

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