Hadley, Lake Luzerne

Mill Park, Lake Luzerne

These are the two towns that are on the confluence of the Sacandaga and the Hudson Rivers, full of dramatic falls and rapids. This makes it a spot for whitewater people, but be careful! Lake Luzerne(lake) is right off of NY 9N, east of the road and hamlet. The park on the stream connecting the lake to the Hudson is called Mill Park and it is a beautiful landscaped stone affair. The whole hamlet is very pretty and shaded, well heeled but not ostentatious like Saratoga. Lake Luzerne is in Warren County, east of the Hudson and Hadley is a town in Saratoga County west of the Hudson River. Cross the bridge and now you are in Hadley, which is on both sides of Lake Luzerne.

Hudson River falls  

Participating Establishments
Zips: Hadley: 12835 | Lake Luzerne: 12846 518 Area Code

Adirondack Dreamcatcher Farm of Corinth 65 Slicker Rd
Corinth, New York 12822
(Use Ex 18 of I-87, head west)
Make your child's dream party come true! We offer various sized ponies and horses to choose from along with other farm animals. We also have individual riding lessons on our own trails.
Phones: 518-654-2615 or 518-409-1241
Adirondack Dreamcatcher Farm

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