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Welcome to the High Peaks
Cascade Lake, with NY 73 under construction on the lower left. Click for larger picture!

Cascade Lake, with NY 73 under construction on the lower left. Click for larger picture.

Keene and Keene Valley are home to the High Peaks region, where the highest mountains in New York State are located (Marcy, Giant, Big Slide, Wolf Jaw, etc), along with the best scenery and best drive too. It is a mecca to hundred of thousands of hikers, backpackers, rustic campers, ice climbers and snowshoers from all over the USA. You don't have to rough it to stay there, but there are no large scale hotels or development either. There are plenty of accomodations, mainly cottages and cabins. There is enough services available locally for the basics and Lake Placid to the west has a little more, especially in dining and party venues. But even drivng through and spending a few hours along the many roadside parking areas and trailheads is a treat.

St Huberts Section of NY 73
Saint Huberts Section of NY 73
View South from Cemetery at Junction of NY 9N south & NY 73, click for larger picture.
View from Cemetery at Junction of NY 9N South & NY 73
Looking towards NY 73 from Baxter Mountain
Looking towards NY 73 from Baxter Mountain
If you turn south, or uphill, at the junction of NY 9N south, between Keene and Keene Valley, you head towards Elizabethtown. The big hill is Baxter Mountain. For about 4 miles either side of the hill on NY 9N south, there is not only a lot of state land but some good places to car camp or RV it. The road is cleared back quite a ways and the old road is nearby. There are a lot of cut outs off the road for building lots that are still empty too. Usually, no one is going to pitch a fit over a quick night of camping on private property, as long as you are clean and respectful. But some of them are posted No Tresspassing, so avoid them.

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Lake Placid/Essex County Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Alpine Endeavors Guide Service

Alpine Endeavors Guide Service

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NY 73, Keene Valley, in the High Peaks
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The Mountaineer of Keene Valley

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