Keeseville, Ausable, Ausable Chasm

North: Peru |  East: Port Kent |  West: Jay and Ausable Forks via NY 9N |  South: Lewis | Ausable Falls Topographic Map
Upper Gorge of Ausable River in the Chasm, Upper Gorge of Ausable River in the Chasm, US 9 bridge in the background
Keeseville is a small village on the Ausable River, in the north-eastern corner of Essex County. Ausable is the town north of Keeseville in Clinton County. Ausable boast Ausable Chasm, a beautiful mini Grand Canyon right off of US 9. A private concern runs the tours and local lodgings to the actual chasm though the state built a nice walking trail and provides lookouts on and on either side of the US 9 bridge over the Ausable River. Its truly an honor to have this beauty in New York. Please remember when you visit to leave the area clean and pristine. Although a cleaning service is employed, it is still up to us to really keep the chasm perfect. In NYC, you can hire NYC office cleaning if you need upkeep of your office or restaurant.  

Elephant's Head at Ausable Chasm Elephant's Head at Ausable Chasm Power House Power House
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