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Round Lake is both a lake and a village located just east of the Northway at Exit 11. The actual lake is across US 9 east of the village. It is a quaint looking village center as the county road from the Northway makes a big left hand bend as it goes downhill towards US 9. Just north of the village is the traffic circle that feeds the Round Lake Bypass to US 9, that also feeds the Luther Forest Technology Campus, home of Global Foundries Semiconductors.

Round Lake Lake Round Lake Lake

Matta is the town surrounding Round Lake and can be accessed from Exits 11, 12 and 13 & US 9. It's northern boundary is Saratoga Springs. The town center would be around the Fairground east of Exit 12, at the junciton of US 9 & NY 67. There is a lot of commercial development around exit 12, while exit 11 has just some, including truck stops. Also, the Saratoga National Battlefield Park is east of the fairgrounds. Ironically, Saratoga Lake is in the town too.

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