Southbound Adirondack Northway Rest Stops

To Northbound Rest Areas

The Northway doesn't have any real service areas like the Thruway, where you can get food, coffee and fuel. But it has a few good rest stops that offer vending machines and clean bathrooms. The two newer ones, built just south of Exit 30, called the High Peaks Reception Area, are fairly elaborate and almost worth a stop to check them out. You'll probably have to stop just before the southbound one cause our over extended customs agents love to put checkpoints there and cause fatal accidents too!

Mile PostBetween ExitsNameAmenitiesPicture
161.7 Between 42 & 41 Beekmantown Rest Area, "Welcome Center" large parking are, older bathroom set Beekmantown Rest Area


122.7 Just After 32 Lewis Parking Area No bathrooms, great view, lots of shade I am really bummed they closed this one too Lewis SB Parking Area, click for really nice large picture
99 30 & 29 High Peaks SB Welcome Center New, great display area of Adirondack life, vending machines, 24 hour crews, huge parking area. Watch out for road blocks by US Customs here! High Peaks Reception Center


82.1 28 & 27 Schroon Lake SB Rest Area Good picnic area, good view of lake, abstract sculptures Schroon Lake SB Rest Area, roadside sculpture
66.2 24 & 23 Warrensburg Parking Area no facilities, just some picnic tables but in a nice shady lawn area Bolton Parking Area
53 At Exit 22 Lake George Parking Area It has no facilities, no truck parking or picnic tables, but a great view of Lake George. I's a very uncomfortable and small place. You should get off at Exit 21 if you want to relax a while Lake George Parking Area
40.7 18 & 17 Glens Falls SB Rest Area Good picnic area, Some green area with picnic tables. Okay bathrooms. Last southbound rest AND parking area on the Northway Glens Falls SB Rest Area