Dude Ranch Trail
A Scenic Byway in the Adirondack North Country

  The  Dude Ranch Trail
The Dude Ranch Trail Sign
in Warrensburg

The Dude Ranch Trail is one of the more oddball state scenic byways. It is a big circle that you can start counter-clockwise in Warrensburg off the Northway at Exit 23. It follows NY 418 out of Warrensburg, off of US 9, west to Stony Creek. Before there, you will start to follow old man Hudson River, with plenty of fishing, camping and hunting spots. Before Stony Creek, NY 418 turns into CR 3 to Stony Creek. Next stop is Lake Luzerne, where you pick up NY 9N north to Lake George, where uphill is back to Warrensburg. My stony Creek page is on my http://nyroute28.com/, Central Adirondack Trail site and the rest are on AdkI87.com



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