Port Henry and Moriah

Looking down NY 9N & 22 towards Vermont

Port Henry is the southernmost town on the New York side of Lake Champlain. Cut into the hillside on bluff, you can see Vermont and the Green Mountains easily cause the lake is narrow at this point. It is also near the Champlain Bridge. It is also served by Amtrak at its historic rr station. At the station, they have a small historic train that was used to haul iron ore. Port Henry was originally an iron mining and smelting center, from the early 19th to the 1960's. The Adirondacks once boasted a large iron ore mining and smelting industry.

The town operates two municipal campgrounds and is on the Lake Champlain bike trail. It is also equally acceessible to boaters and rail passengers, so you don't have to have a car to get their. But for drivers, the village is on NY 9 & 22 and is accessible from the Northway via Exit 30.

Moriah is the town surrounding the village of Port Henry. It is mostly dense Adirondack forest land. Moriah Center is truly a sleepy little place that could be a small town anywhere in the US.

Port Henry RR Station
Moriah Center
Moriah Center

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