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There are the usual large chain type stores along the Northway till Lake George in the usual shopping areas. But the farther you get into the park past Lake George, most of the places are smaller owner-operated places. Here, the local hardware store is still the heart of the village, where the handy-men of the house flock when some house fixing needs to be done. Many stores also offer contracting services too. There are also plenty of heavy duty contractors for large jobs that require earth moving and heavy equipment

General Hardware Stores 518 Area Code

Monocrete Steps, Inc.
Watervliet Shaker Road, Watervliet, NY 12189
4 miles east on NY 155 from Exit 5
Phone: 518-274-1273 | After 5 PM, Call: 518-283-5749

Precast Concrete Steps, railings & Basment Entrances, Stone Walls And Bulkheads for New &, Existing Home & Commercial Construction

Call the Stepfather for Free Estimates.

Monocrete Steps, Inc.